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A little bit of history...

Our guest house is in “via Granari 17” (literally “wheat barn street”), situated in the ancient part of the city.

This street’s name comes from the great number of barns and flour warehouses in this zone during the 17th century. On one end of this street there was the largest one

Targa vecchie carceri.jpg


On the other end, there was the city bakery instead, which provided baked goods to the whole population. At the end of the 18th century it was converted to the city prison, after an ordinance from Pope Pius VI. This change was marked with a sign on the building

Piantina toponomastica.jpg

Before the Italian Renaissance, this street name was “the sixth road”, as a consequence of the naming convention used at the time: next to the coast there was the “cardo maximus” (the main road, also known as “the first road”), and all the other streets were parallel to this one. Their names were given simply by using a numerical order, moving in directions of the mountains. Still today this old name is used by locals

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